Monday, 26 September 2022

Decebal Resort, Danube Caldrons


0025-piscina pensiune5Decebal Resort is the ideal place to enjoy the spectacular wilderness of the gorge that Danube dug into the mountain. The Caldrons is the section of the Danube gorge between Dubova and Ogradena, consisting in Big Caldrons (3.8 km long) and Small Caldrons (3.6 km long), where Danube is forcing its way among mountains, so that its width is limited to 180-250 m. The area is proclaimed a unique natural monument in Europe (here it is found "the caldrons' tulip").

chipul-lui-decebalIn the area of the caldrons, at the entrance in the Mraconia river bay, on a mountain peak, an impressive sculpture of Decebalus measuring 40 meters in height and 25 in width is carved in rock, while nearby, on the Danube bank, the Mraconia Monastery was recently rebuilt (Underwater Monastery). Also, here lays the inscribed plaque "Tabula Traiana" representing the starting point of Trajan's suspended road to Dacia (40 km long).


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